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Apex Predator Safari

The strength of the crocodile is in the water

As the sun falls below the horizon and Sisal is slowly covered in darkness, an apex predator awakens; the Morelet’s crocodile, also known as the Mexican Crocodile. By heading out into the Cienega at night a  rare opportunity to be eye to eye with a predator in its natural environment awaits; an experience that is best defined as humbling, exciting and peaceful all at once.

Timing hours


Min. people



8:00 pm


All year



Be prepared

  • Waterproof shoes
  • Wuick dry pants
  • Windbreaker


Transfer by car to the boat landing area (20 min aprox), night tour inside the ciénega, return to harbor area, transfer by car to Club de Patos.

Be aware

Crocodiles are not guaranteed to be seen.

Sometimes weather is unpredictable, nature itself is out of our control. Whilst there are never any guarantees, these are the places you have the best chance of getting a glimpse of these majestic animals. February and March are the best months for this activity. The time expended at the fountainhead  depends on the guest.

Sea Eagle Tier

Adventures require a moderate level of physical fitness.

* Subject to availability. Restrictions apply. Taxes included. It is the guest responsibility to mention any food and beverage preference, allergy or intolerance. Reach out to our host for any additional information.